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Expand your business in a $2.63 Trillion economy


The French Economy

France is a $2.63 Trillion economy with a population of 67mn people, it is also Europe’s third-largest economy. More than half the population is centred in Urban areas like Paris. It’s urban lifestyle is a contributing factor to its rapid growth. Construction, Energy, Tourism, Telecommunications, Transport and Health are some of the growing sectors contributing toward 75% GDP.

Market Opportunities

The population in france have a high consumption rate in spite of that, their consumption has also recently shifted towards sustainable products. France saw its attractiveness reach an all-time high in 2021 with more than 32% increase in FDI.

Medical Technology


With the french tech initiative by the govrnment, france is open to technological advancements. With its recent advancement in adpoting 5G in telecom and estabalishing numerous tech companies it has signigicantly grown a demand in tech jobs.


Open to Foreigners

France’s openness to foerign businesses and immigrants has attracted foreign interests in the economy. This has lead a significant growth in education and entreprenurship in the country.


Positioning in europe

France is centrally located in Europe, making it an ideal hub for businesses looking to access the European market. It has extensive transportation infrastructure, including a well-developed road, rail network, connecting major European markets.

Market Barriers

Entering the French market can be both rewarding and challenging for businesses. While France offers significant opportunities for growth and expansion, there are several market barriers like language and administrative that companies encounter.

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Language and Culture

Only 39% of the population in France speak English. French is the primary language spoken in France, and while many people also speak English, having a good command of French can greatly enhance business relationships, promotion and communication.

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Consumer behavior

French consumers have distinct preferences and buying habits. Understanding local consumer behavior, adapting products or services to suit their needs, and developing effective marketing strategies are key to success in the French market.

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France has a reputation for bureaucratic processes, which can slow down decision-making and market entry. Registering a business, obtaining necessary permits and licenses, and navigating administrative procedures can be challenging and time-consuming.

Industries we serve


The construction industry in France has traditionally been a significant contributor to the country's GDP. In 2020, the construction sector accounted for approximately 6% of France's GDP. In 2019, the non-residential construction sector in France accounted for around 60% of the total construction output.

Our Solution

Market Prospection

Administrative compliance, business registration, licensing, market research

Market Strategy

Develop plan and penetration strategy based on Market prospection and client needs

Project Implementation

Business Incorporation: Company registration, Regulatory Permits, Setting up Bank accounts. Indian Partner Search: Agents, Distributors, Branding, Digital Marketing, SEO, Social media

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