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Grow your business internationally

Scale your business from local to global with the support of expert consultants and strategic approach to enter new markets.

Expand in growing markets

We’re specialized in two of the largest growing economies in the world at GIC.


As a holistic international business firm we offer integrated solutions to help our clients reach their potential growth.

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International Market Entry

Break into growing markets to scale your business with a strategic approach and overcome market barriers without the hassle of managing administrative challenges.

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Global Marketing

Reach your ideal consumers locally and internationally through integrated marketing solutions in under one roof.

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Turnkey Projects

Scale up your business in international markets, from design, planning, execution to implementation we offer a holistic solution for your project needs. 

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International Branding

Unleash your growth potential with the power of creativity and increase brand recognition in local and international markets.


We are specialized in sectors that are growing in global markets and creating opportunities for numerous businesses to enter these highly-competitive industries with a strategic approach.

Who are we

We are an international business consulting firm on a mission to help businesses accelerate in emerging markets with the help of strategic advisors and cultured approach to navigate international barriers without the hassle of managing administrative challenges.

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